Token investments
Our portfolio spans all corners of the decentralised economy with a focus on cutting edge niche technologies which push the boundaries of innovation and scope.
Sharded Layer One Protocol
NEAR is a layer one proof of stake (POS) protocol that utilises sharding architecture to scale transaction throughput.
Sigmadex is a decentralized, cross-chain, and multi asset marketplace built on Avalanche.
DeFi Liquidity Protocol
UniLend is a permissionless lending protocol enabling any ERC20 to be used as collateral for loans. Powered by Ethereum, Polygon & Binance Chain.
DeFi Lending Platform
Octopus is a network for launching and running Web 3.0 application specific blockchains at a fraction of the cost to competitors, facilitating a new wave of innovation for Web 3.0.
Web 3.0 Application Layer
Octopus Network
Pre IDO Liquidity
Spark is an Avalanche based marketplace utilising a proprietary Fair Prediction Launch (FPL) mechanism solve problems of whitelisting and randomised NFT drops.
DeFi Banking Application
ScallopX is the worlds first DeFi integrated banking application. Users can access UK & EU bank accounts complemented by a full suite of decentralised finance protocols.
Multi-Chain Scalable Metaverses
Ozone utilises a proprietary 3D graphics and game engine to enable users to build and scale metaverses across multiple layer one chains.
Vaporwave Finance
Auto-Compounding Yield Optimiser
Vaporwave Finance is a yield optimiser on the Aurora EVM, built atop of the NEAR blockchain. The protocol automatically compounds user LP tokens to maximise earnings.
Order Book Driven Dex
Fusotao is an orderbook-based matching system facilitating off chain trade execution with on chain verification. Built on NEAR, powered by Octopus Network.
MAHA is the governance token supporting ARTH, a stable coin designed to maintain purchasing power irrespective of market conditions.
Non Depreciating Currency
Kira is the first network that hosts, powers and secures the value of real world staked assets. Built on Cosmos, Kira acts as a financial hub between multiple Web 3.0 applications.
Real Asset backed DeFi Applications
Kira Core
Structure enables users to invest in tokenised stocks, ETFs, options and wide array of digital assets.
DeFi Powered Investment Platform
Panther uses ZK-SNARK technology to offer DeFi users fully collateralised privacy enhanced digital assets. Built on Ethereum, integrated across multiple layer one protocols.
Privacy for Decentralised Finance
Panther Protocol
Persistence is a Cosmos native interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next generation financial products, bridging DeFi and TradFi.
Next Generation Financial Products
Maple Finance is a capital market facilitating under collateralised loans for institutional borrowers built on Ethereum.
DeFi Lending Platform
Maple Finance
Fluent Finance
Federated Stable Coin
Fluent is a federated stable coin project with a native interbank settlement network aimed facilitating mass adoption by institutions in a regulatory compliant manner.
NFT Ticketing Marketplace
SeatLab is an NFT Ticketing Marketplace powered by NEAR creating a secure and liquid secondary marketplace for ticket sales.
Sport Betting & Casino Ecosystem
DivvyBet is a sports betting and casino ecosystem built on Solana. DivvyBet leverages Sol's lightning speed to facilitate fast payouts & enable users to act as the house.
Smart Contract Interoperability
T3rn is a smart contract hosting platform offering an innovative solution to interoperable smart contract execution with in-built fail safe mechanisms.
Equity investments
What started as a crypto specific firm has quickly diversified into more traditional equity investments recognising innovation in other technology fields and broadening and strengthening our portfolio.
AI Systems Control
Phaidra uses AI and machine learning to improve processes and efficiencies in large scale industrial applications.
AI Robotic Fleets
Cartken is an AI robot delivery software provider for B2B and B2C applications within cities aimed at reducing congestion and carbon emissions.
Green Hydrogen Production
Ecolectro is solving the biggest challenges in the creation of Green Hydrogen. Their patented technology reduces catalyst degradation during electrolysis, significantly lowering production costs of Green Hydrogen.
AI Warehouse Robotics
Nomagic's robot systems utilise AI & cloud computing to automate pick & place tasks within warehouses environments to reduce the costs of picking individual items.